To create a sculpture about Calgary , its physical character, its spirit, essence and style using the horse as metaphor.
As a symbol the horse is universally synonymous with energy....

The sculpture consists of five unique, energetic and powerful horses rising from the floor in a cyclic movement to create a clearly defined symbol of Calgary.
Collectively the horses represent our Rocky Mountains , a connection to Calgary 's western horizon. The carousel-like motion and arrangement of the horses is inviting. Directionally, these horses have the strength, spirit and maturity to continually run into the wind. They evoke the spirit of risk and optimism that makes Calgary unique and original.

The sculpture suggests different aspects of Calgary depending upon the viewing position. The playful bucking horse interacts with the other horses while the walls of the sculpture convey a slight mystery and suspense as the horses dissolve and emerge from the rock walls toward the lead horse. The lead horse offers a wish of good luck with the proverbial horseshoe while making a sharp change in direction. The rush of this horse landing is like the arrival of the Chinook Winds and a sudden change of luck.

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Robert Spaith

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